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Our Answers

We use balanced training methods simply put we use positive reward along with boundaries and consequence, relationship building and building clear boundaries. We do not use punishment or force, we do use corrections and markers. We use simple and effective communication techniques that you and your dog can follow with ease 

If you have a behavioural issue with your dog  book an initial consultation, most issues can be solved with one consultation, however some dogs will require further training so make use of our training packages , saving you money. If you want to increase your dogs mental stimulation,  challenge your dog and work as a team - book our scent work or man training sessions. 

No dog is ever too old or too young or too naughty to be trained!  We advise you start training your dog as soon as they arrive with you, all our consultations and workshops are suitable for any dog any age any temperament 

For mantrailing you will need a harness with a back ring for your dog, a long line and a pair of gloves,  you will need some pocket size food pots, but don’t worry we will send you a list when you book with us. Please ask if you are unsure. For uk sniffer dogs scent workshops you will need a red kong 

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